With the large amount of animals that live in the same area, they have each adapted to living in different levels of the forest floor and trees in order to protect themselves and hide from predators. The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, covering over five and a half a million square kilometres (1.4 billion acres). 1. Locate the Amazon rainforest on to a map using a satellite image. Have you ever wondered what keeps the Amazon Rainforest so beautifully green and exotic? Created: May 17, 2016 | Updated: Feb 22, 2018. The Amazon rainforest in South America is the largest rainforest habitat in the world. The dry season runs from December to February, and those are the hotter months. The Amazon rainforest in South America is the largest rainforest habitat in the world. Over half of the Amazon rainforest is located in Brazil but it is also located in other South American countries including Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia, Suriname and French Guiana. google_ad_slot = "9761313702"; Preliminary statistics indicate Amazon deforestation has risen by 70 percent this year. The Amazon forests are magnificent, rich, and diverse, helping to provide the oxygen that we need to breathe and live. Climate change and agriculture The impacts of climate change are not limited to natural ecosystems. ), Christmas Facts For Kids (Fun & Festive!). In fact, a lot of them are extremely dangerous or poisonous. google_ad_width = 160; Climate of the Amazon Rainforest (Climate graphs) 5 3 customer reviews. Today. google_ad_height = 600; 9. google_ad_client = "pub-4643150179421087"; According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), projected warmer temperatures and changes in precipitation will undoubtedly impact the agricultural sector (including plantation forestry) in the Amazon. Amazon rainforest animals ks2. See more ideas about rainforest, ks2, class displays. One of the things that the Amazon Rainforest is most known for is its huge variety of animals, including mammals, birds, fish, and insects. Some common animals that live in the rainforest are jaguars, howler monkeys, sloths, anacondas, alligators, and apes. Check out the cool trivia and have fun learning about some of our planet's most amazing features. Differentiated for lower ability students. Communism vs Socialism – What’s The Difference. These are complete Amazon rainforest packages from ActionAid for Key Stages 1 and 2. Amazon facts. Achat et vente en ligne parmi des millions de produits en stock. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur Amazon.fr. This amazing forest is over 2.2 million square miles large and it is the largest tropical rainforest in the world. Engaging with rainforest art is also a practical way to brighten up your classroom. Close. Brazil is also known for its incredible ecological biodiversity, exemplified by the rainforest. /* sci facts 728 */ Brazil is the place where the most acclaimed Amazon rainforest is located. Lost LeBlanc Recommended for you. THE AMAZON RAINFOREST is the largest rainforest in the world. This very special rainforest is located in South America and over half of it can be found in the country of Brazil. In this lesson, ... KS1 Key Stage 1 KS1 KS2 Key Stage 2 KS2 Adobe Reader Word Document. The Amazon rainforest in South America is so big that if it were a country, it would be the ninth biggest in the world. If you are going to one of the lodges like the Guacamayo Lodge or the Dolphin lodge, you will find temperature during the dry season average 78 – 79 degrees. This free KS2 geography rainforest resource from National Geographic Kids will help children to find out about the climate of the rainforest and its effect on the weather elsewhere in the world.. Use the factsheet to answer the following questions: How much water does each of … Recent places. Rainforest plants produce an assortment of food items, in addition to ingredients useful in everyday products and medicines. Resource to help students understand and create a climate graph for Manaus, Brazil. It is thought that between 400 or 500 different groups of native tribes live in the forest, with over 50 groups of them never having met people outside of their tribe! Find out more with BBC Bitesize KS2 Geography. Tropical rainforests are often considered to be the “cradles of biodiversity.” Though they cover only about 6% of the Earth’s land surface, they are home to over 50% of global biodiversity. The diversity of life in the Amazon rainforest. Go to Youtube website (video clip of a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest) Starter. In fact, an estimated 70% of the plants used in cancer treatments are only found in rainforests. Weather In The Amazon Rainforest. Rainforest words In this activity, we look at a composite satellite image of South America and use the satellite image to help us mark on the location of the Amazon rainforest and Amazon river on to our blank map of South America. The Amazon rainforest reaches over many countries, but most of it is in Brazil. This forest is … Please support Cool Kid Facts by emailing or sharing! Also, when it rains, it takes 10 minutes for the water to go through the leaves and hit the ground. Lost LeBlanc Recommended for you. © 2020 Cool Kid Facts. This interesting Amazon Rainforest facts activity will help students learn about the different layers and match the animals that can be found in them. Tropical rainforests are very hot, humid and wet. Contains over 40,000 different kinds of plants. To help answer some of the questions we receive we produced a school booklet and teachers guide designed with the KS2 National Curriculum in mind. * As a result of being a tropical rainforest, the Amazon's weather and climate is very hot, humid and damp. Weather Information. Many types of plants have adapted to give off poisonous toxins if an animal should come to close, using it to protect themselves from danger. They get around 2500 mm of rain a year. While the protection of the Amazon rainforest remains an issue, deforestation rates have been reducing while areas of conserved land have been increasing over the last 10 years. France threatened to block a trade deal and Norway and Germany halted donations to protect the rainforest. It is the world’s richest and most-varied biological reservoir, containing several million species. The Amazon rainforest in South America is so big that if it were a country, it would be the ninth biggest in the world. 8. Image and caption courtesy of the authors. Try having your class fill in colouring sheets and label the flora and fauna. That is one set of teeth I’m sure the dentist doesn’t want to see! October 02, 2012 | Trip Inspiration Amazon Rain. 10. The tropical rainforest contains far more species of plants and animals than any other biome. Met Office 5 day weather forecast map for Living Rainforest including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind speed, cloud, and pressure. In fact, the trees in the rainforest are so thick, the floor of the Amazon is always in complete darkness. This stunning forest gives the Earth a ton of its oxygen and we want to protect it the best that we can. Talk about an umbrella! Breathe for the world. Please choose your location from the nearest places to : Suggested places. You might think that weather and climate are the same thing, but they are actually different. 10% of the world’s known species live in the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is found in South America, and it goes across many countries such as Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia. Particularly hard-hit will be subsidence farming. This thorough PowerPoint includes all the important facts and interesting information about the Amazon tropical rainforest in South America. Découvrez Rainforest Weather de Bubble Silent 3D Fire Music sur Amazon Music. Other rainforests in the world are in Africa (mostly in the Congo), Asia (mostly in Indonesia), Australia and Central America. Preview .