After the bank job takes place, I wanted Good Time to become a surreal nightmare and to get as wild and as expressive as I could with the visuals. Crazy Credits He wants to find his place in these very different places - to disappear completely. It dragged the film down... so it was cut. Florida's best friend Willona also lived in the same building. You see it with people who start cults, where they believe nothing that they do is wrong. I was thinking, with his physical abilities and the developmental disability he has, plus the fact that he wants to do things he want to do and now he can actually take them for himself, mix those together - that became Nick. The prison ethos is dictating what's happening in the movie more so than anything else. But I also like to electrify the filmed image and colors, especially strong colors, look great on film. And people of color are often the victims of white manipulation. It's ordained. It refers to a reduction in a prisoner's sentence for good behavior. But then it quickly becomes his nightmare, because he doesn't know certain limitations to that." Reach new levels of guest satisfaction and profitability TIMES RATED1. When we finished our previous film, he got locked up. Test your vocabulary with our 10-question quiz! People get release on their good time, then they violate and have to serve the remainders without any if's, and's or but's.". And it doesn't fit. Coffee Shop Logic Puzzle 2,489; Pick 5 in 15: Largest Countries 2,273; Hide Your 'R' Movies 1,682; Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield 1,224; Absent Letter Countries IV 972; More Quizzes And I'm like, 'Isn't it? I was boiling, full of adrenaline and I told myself, that's it! A few customers even attempted to block the in-pursuit police from chasing Pattinson. Connie is a very heroic person, in that he's not willing to accept his situation. ", Pattinson about bank robberies today: "People think that bank robbery has gone away as a crime in a lot of ways. I was on parole at the time and I was out past my curfew. I heard this tune in my head, so I sampled some Tuvan throat-singing, just to give him some general reference to what I was thinking. It's fast-paced, easy, fun, and always FREE to play! Robert Pattinson found his character Connie to be an inspiration in Jon Alpert's documentary. There was probably one shot in every scene that meant a lot to him. What I get from it is that essentially, paraphrasing, but everybody's f***ed. When Good Time Charley's swung open its doors in 1979 and the first student walked in, a campus tradition was born. It competed at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, and was in the running for the festival's top honor, the Palme d'Or. In the first scene, when I break Nick out of his therapy session, we shot in an active hospital and there were a lot of mentally handicapped people around, and Josh (the director) was like, 'say to Nick: This is what you think you are?' ", Josh Safdie: "It's always important to us that we love our characters. Try this amazing Good Times TV Trivia - Quiz quiz which has been attempted 1569 times by avid quiz takers. ", Josh Safdie and Ronnie Bronstein wrote a complete character biography for Connie, beginning from his birth, up to the first minute of the movie. ", Robert Pattinson on Connie's love for his brother Nick: "If you're in love with someone, they'll either not love you and you'll realize and be heartbroken, or you'll love them and it's all wrapped up and everything's fine. According to Benny Safdie, "It was just this back and forth relationship over a couple months where he would send me emails and Josh would say 'don't answer and let's see how Rob responds.' You can argue that because he doesn't have the social awareness that he doesn't understand... Like that scene in the bank, in the middle of the bank robbery, that Connie turns to Nick and says, 'What are you thinking about?' Like mixing Rob (Pattinson) with certain people who hadn't acted before because they add a realness to the situation. Price New from Used from Hardcover "Please retry" $29.99 . As part of the film, they needed proper mug shots for Connie to show on the screen when he's watching TV with Crystal. … An inspiration for this was Tommy Lee Jones who portrayed Gary Gilmore. He was able to take whatever he wanted from his grandmother, he was able to not go and do the things that he didn't want to do, so he hardened and became a much more fearsome guy. They refuse to accept the status quo of life and try their best to make their mark. But his superpower is that he can see about 40 seconds into the future, and that's it. Woods. ", The title 'Good Time' is prison slang. But we could sense that he wasn't kidding from the beginning. Josh Safdie on why they are drawn to stories about the misfits of society: "Because they're all winners, in my opinion; they're all heroic. There are hundreds of multiple choice questions (with explanatiory answers) that include interesting film facts, quotes, the Oscars, milestones, and information about actors and directors. I went back to the studio and wrote this weird ballad and a top line to it, because obviously I do not sing in a baritone. It's a very one-sided kind of love, and he's not even listening to what his brother is saying to him. Some mall customers even tried to stop the cops from chasing the actors. And it is. However, I was not interested in contemporary naturalism for the mainstay of this production. Robert Pattinson got involved into Good Time because he was enamored by seeing a banner ad for the Safdies' previous film, Heaven Knows What. And she says, 'I don't know, some white guy.' | Robert Pattinson and Benny Safdie worked in-character at a car wash in Queens for a camera test and as part of the preparation for their brother relationship. IT KEEPS OUR GUESTS COMING BACK ”. Alternate Versions No reason was ever given for his absence! So he was in prison, and he did a state bullet, which is basically a year. But that was kind of problematic for us, because in order to get them to do things and say things in the movie, we'd have to push them, manipulate the situation. Principal photography of the movie was held around the month of February and March in the year 2016. One of the knives on display looks like a "Klingon" knife (called "D'k tahg") from Star Trek. Josh Safdie on similarities between Connie and Pattinson: "I think the same person who thinks he can go in and remove his brother from police custody in a hospital is the same person who contacts small independent filmmakers after seeing just a poster from a movie. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. We did it like four or five times, and when we did it again, it was a new group of people, and they saw the same thing. ", Robert Pattinson on the character's motivations: "I find it so interesting when people look at a movie and they try and immediately define it by something with which they can relate to, where people say, 'Oh, I empathize with it because I understand the character's beliefs and motivation.' The first scene is him talking to a doctor trying to determine that. Basically, when most people get released on their good time, they're out but on parole for the remainder of their sentence. You're seeing race with this weird hyper-clarity. And I was like, 'I can't say that! I remember going over to his place and it was just like a bombshell had gone off." ", All actors didn't read the script but were given a detailed backstory of their characters and were told to improvise every scene, while. His energy - he's almost on the run all the time. Connections (laughs), Josh Safdie about writing the amusement park scene and showing the racial issues: "As writers, we were thinking how can he get out of this scenario, this is a very tough scenario. The scene where Connie enters the hospital was shot in an active Emergency Room with real patients. And I didn't take the trash out or changed the sheets. It's more nuanced and tricky than that. The show ran from February of '74 until August of '79 and for 133 epsiodes it kept America either laughing, inspired or on the verge of tears. He was just there, inside me, nascent in my brain. And he did it the exact same way, just robbing them for like five or six grand at a time. Edit. Ready to challenge yourself? ", According to Sean Price Williams, "the premise of Good Time is simple - two character, one who is mentally-handicapped, the other mentally-unacceptable, and their inability to make a life for themselves with nothing and no-one to help. He is genuinely interested in discovering things. Josh Safdie wasn't satisfied with the mug shots of characters in other movies because they all missed the bureaucratic touch and were too well done. I said, 'Let's do another take. And there was this amazing scam that I learned about, where you can scan VIN numbers, the digital codes, and get car keys made. Puzzles Trivia Mentalrobics Games Community I was just like, 'whoa, I've never heard about this expression before.' He loves him, but they don't really know each other. There are 50 min of music in this 100 min movie. ", In the mall-chase scene, real police officers were hired to act in the movie to achieve authenticity. And the immediacy of this punk style of filmmaking translates into an unmistakable on-screen energy. In order to shoot unnoticed, they directed Pattinson by text messages while the camera and crew was filming in the same wagon. If you put duck-tape on a cat they think they're up against a wall, he kind of walks like that. Pattinson got the experience of having a disabled brother and how difficult it is in trying to include Nick in conversations and interactions in daily life. When you're writing for someone, you must bring a piece of him to the character. Safdie brothers crime thriller starring Robert Pattinson as a bank robber who goes on the run with his developmentally disabled brother. With Good Time, we wanted to do like a genre film, like a thrilling piece of pulp, but we wanted to pepper in this idea of, this movie, of it's like a thriller, but it's actually thrilling because you don't know where the movie ends and real life begins. The fact that Nick says nothing in that moment is so heroic to Connie, because anyone in their right mind, in the middle of robbing a bank, would be feeling everything but nothing. But a bank robbery, yeah, a teller will pretty much give you the money, basically. Fin Min assures clause-by-clause perusal of farm laws; slams Oppn for not raising issues, Narendra Singh Tomar takes umbrage at 'release activists' demand during farmers' stir, BTP withdraws support from Rajasthan govt, cries foul over Cong-BJP tie-up in Dungarpur, Robert Pattinson's 'Good Time': Fascinating trivia on the film, Robert Pattinson's Most Serious On-screen Character Portrayals Of All Times; Check Here, Robert Pattinson’s Love For The Fantasy Universe Is Evidently Visible In THESE Films, Robert Pattinson's Must-watch Indie Films From 'The Lighthouse' To 'The Rover', Robert Pattinson Admits He's Embarrassed By His 2005 'Harry Potter’ Premiere Look. We quickly became “the place to be” for both faculty and students. For a Good Time, Call... (2012) Trivia (6) Add new The film was shot in sixteen days. Books that inspired Good Time: "Executioner's Song" by Norman Mailer and "In the Belly of the Beast" by Jack Abbott. Can you name the lyrics to Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Good Time'? ", Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) about recording the song for the final scene: "There was this Lewis song 'Like To See You Again' that I thought might work for the end, but I was too involved tracking him down. The Safdies and Pattinson made a bet, that if the film makes it into the competition at Cannes, Pattinson would buy them the toilet. So much of the movie is basically just Connie's imprisonment. ", According to Josh Safdie: "There was a element of Rob (Pattinson) that was really kind of exposing, that I wanted to bring to this character. We'll blow your minds! According to the director, Josh Safdie, Robert Pattinson's character in the flick was inspired by the cult leader Charles Manson to some extent. We were on such unbelievable lock-down, but I know we didn't even get a single cellphone photo the entire shoot. | A solemn moment where Connie dyes his hair in Crystals' bathroom. This is massively problematic as a reflection of society.". You know, he doesn't even really know his brother. We can help you fund raise, or fun raise! ", Almost all actors were street-cast and first-timers from NYC except, Robert Pattinson on Connie's behavior: "There are certain elements of Connie that you, as a person, really object to. According to Josh Safdie, "Part of the production office became a counterfeiting mill. Today, Courtney Dempsey quizzes us on time travel movies. Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) on the theme of the soundtrack he created: "We looked at the music in Good Time as another character. He portrays the role of Connie's Nika's brother named Nick. I am going to do this during the whole movie! As preparation for the brother relationship between Connie and Nick, Benny Safdie's character, Nick Nikas was created a view years prior in a script written for a different movie, but that never happened. The crew filmed during regular business hours while the mall was open to the public, so reactions in the final cut are genuine, from real customers. Report This. According to Benny Safdie: "We were looking at people who had developmental disabilities to maybe play the part of Nick. If time doesn't become apparent and you're just living your life then you're probably not experiencing any stress but if you're up against the clock or you feel the presence of time on some level then everything changes and I think everything is one step from falling apart and I think that's what this film is about. To achieve authencity and not to draw attention to the shoot, film locations weren't locked down from the public. Talking about Robert Pattinson's performance in the flick, his performance in this film is what reportedly convinced Matt Reeves to cast the actor in the movie The Batman (2021). ALSO READ | Robert Pattinson's Most Serious On-screen Character Portrayals Of All Times; Check Here. Please note that this is a new quiz with little or no feedback rating from the Absurd Trivia community of players. Let's just end it on the 'damned'. Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. And all that just helped build our relationship and it helped build the performance with us, too. When we were shooting at the mall, the cop said that we had permission to shut all of it down to film, but we wanted to keep it open for the energy. ... Top Quizzes with Similar Tags. So they enlisted a photographer to mimic the type of photography done by an NYPD officer late at night in a precinct. At the end of the film (1hr, 34) the camera slowly pans away from Nick Nikas (Benny Safdie's character), and a sign saying 'Director' can be seen to the right of him. Trivia / Good Times. There's something very personal for me here but I can't really define it... on one side he is immersed in reality but he is constantly in an imaginary world, too. 149 likes. In fact, at the time Carter began playing Michael, he was actually co-starring in a Broadway musical called … In that regards, he's disassociated from society in a way. Apparently that's a big thing, because every bank has an insurance policy. Buddy Duress's character, Ray, as well. Nobody recognized, Josh Safdie about the feel of time in the film: "We wanted to make a piece of entertainment that has a pulpy feel to it. So when he's (Connie) running through the mall, it feels like we just stole that shot. As a final result, they created fake pockmarks to get the greasy skin. It was installed in the office at the Safdie brother's production company Elara Pictures a few weeks later. Shot using a hidden camera, the three are seen stealing and eventually get caught. When we were first developing it, they really wanted to push in the direction of making him a sort of mystic. No, it couldn't be.' The immediacy was the really interesting part to me: he doesn't have to think, it's so instinctive. Rob went in an oversized hoodie, so nobody could recognize him and he looked a bit like a teenager. Edit. Because a) he's already done it, and b) I was more interested in kind of the more manic side of him, the side of him that is super paranoid and questions the world and everything. Test your knowledge on this music quiz and compare your score to others. CREATED BYasimmons007. On day one, I was leaning on him for the emotional kickoff into the film. But the closest we got him being recognized was as he got off the train and I heard from his LAV mic, trailing away, 'Was that Robert Pattinson? So we had this unfettered access and when we brought Rob there, he didn't say a word because his accent wasn't down yet, but he'd be able to walk around and see what a real jail looks and feels like and what it's like to be going through the system. And it was the scene in the elevator, between Benny (Safdie) and Rob (Pattinson), right in the beginning of the film. I was incredibly nervous, a nut case. We could see that he really just wanted to go for it. '", Josh Safdie about street-casting first-time actors: "We've always been interested in the quote unquote 'sudden star', like the idea of someone who's a star that you might not have seen before. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? The soundtrack of the film was composed by electronic musician Oneohtrix Point Never. And I was depending on Sean to show that to me emotionally. Basic trivia on the 70s sitcom, Good Times! (laughs), Cinematographer Sean Price Williams about the decision to shoot on 35mm film: "I have an abiding love for film and love watching films shot on film. It's kind of crazy, considering. I do believe that Good Time has a perspective on race - like, race on acid. What was her last name? A lot. Trivia. Play Now. Play Now. My thought was that if the music could somehow be in concert with the key of the hydraulic lift, it's going to be subliminally cool. We just ran through with the idea of, 'Don't hit anybody.' He's a loner, and the more you live in isolation, the more you develop a unique fantasy life in your head. Oh, I guess I shouldn't say that so loud." So then he said 'I'm gonna try a few things. ", According to Pattinson: "He (Connie) believes what he's doing is the right thing, even though he's caused a lot of his brother's problems. He also spent much time as himself with people from Queens to get the accent right and hung out with recently released prisoners. That was the reason we ditched it. Like, 'Oh, it's bad that he did that!' In the scene, Crystal knocks on the door and he pauses. Its quality has not yet been determined. Nick would get distracted from work and did things like pulling off other people's windscreen wipers. 'Of course, he can do whatever he wants'. I like that the movie is doing that, because if it didn't I don't think it would make sense. So, Connie would sell someone a car and then in the middle of the night steal the car from their garage. ", Pattinson about shooting unrecognized in New York: "What I really loved about it was the kind of seamlessness where the movie bled into real life. I had become friends with the warden, this woman Raylene, who is actually in the movie as the voice of the operator at Elmhurst. If most banks had an armed guard there would be no bank robberies whatsoever, pretty much. When we started to work on Good Time, it was like, 'Ok, now I really have to think about what happened with him.' So it's like this weird psychodrama happening there. ", The directors about working with the motto 'Seek forgiveness, not permission' while filming: "You get police permission to film on one block and we just take the five blocks around it. When he was fully in character, in costume, in make-up and when he knew his voice, he would just take a walk around the neighborhood, simply because normally he can't do that. And he wouldn't respond and he sent like three or four more emails trying to really get an answer. Goofs Soundtracks. I'm gonna try some spoken word stuff', and I look at Josh (Safdie) and we were like, 'What are we gonna do?' Rob is constantly overturning rocks to see if he can find a worm to eat. » A Bleeding Good Time A Science > Biology Quiz : This quiz tests your knowledge of the major arteries in the human body. There was a lot of pressure with the story I told and the composite edits of his improvisation takes on the top line. '", Josh Safdie about Pattinson disappearing into the city: "I wouldn't even call it a performance, if you were to show the film to someone who has no idea who Robert Pattinson is, they would just assume that we found this guy. Florida reminds Willona of how skimpy she used to dress in high school, Willona acts as if high school is such a far time away for Penny. -AllieBug Quiz Number: 1065 Date Submitted: April 13, 2007 Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms Quiz Type: General Quiz Author: AllieBug Average Score: 76.4 percent Times Taken: 1,376 times Taken by Registered Users: 44 Click here for the code snippet to embed this quiz in your website. ", Benny Safdie about filming unrecognized in the NY subway: "We wanted Rob to disappear in the city. The film was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2017 and received a six-minute long standing ovation after its premiere. The trivia item below may give away important plot points. Report This. They tested fake prostate noses and Robert interacted with people from the street to see if it looked realistic. And according to Josh Safdie, "Weirdly, we never had a clinical categorization, because Nick has never been clinically categorized. He said that very often.". Because a lot of people say, 'Oh yeah, I'll do this, I'll do that', but he meant it. We just wanted to bring that energy to it. Report This. POPULARITY5.23. It became this person, but that movie never ended up happening. Robert Pattinson's role in the superhit flick Good Time has been highly appreciated by the fans. I like to just keep moving forwards because if you're moving forwards you can't stop, and then, once you stop, you get depressed. No more thoughts, just 'wowww!' Robert Pattinson lived in a basement apartment in Harlem for pre-production and the entirety of the shoot. He's (Connie) like, 'I love my brother, and therefore I know what's best.' He is kind of crazy to begin with, and he's having visions. You can see the dedication that he brought. So everybody that was in the mall just saw two guys run in getting chased by the police. (laughs) Robert Pattinson: "I didn't let anybody visit me. ", According to Josh Safdie, "I think that from our point-of-view, we weren't interested in investigating the side of Rob (Pattinson) that, as a performer, was more like a quiet type. … The documentary revolves around three petty criminals. He had like this Vietnam War vet quality, like he had been through something very traumatic. And 35 millimeter was this gift to him because he had never done that before and he always wanted to. At one point Pattinson - who'd regularly went out in character and costume - accidentally used the counterfeit bills to buy a pack of cigarettes. He was like he had PTSD from that Twilight-stardom experience. And we could tell that he meant it. Good Time Trivia. Me and Josh (Safdie) would joke in the beginning that Connie is sort of a superhero. However, everything he said and everything he sung was so interchangeable with the music in some way that it became perfect, it's like the voice of god speaking to you. He just sat there cutting money all day long." He's constantly trying to avoid kind of being seen all the time, which comes from his level of fame. Good Times Trivia, Tampa, Florida, provides LIVE HOST trivia games at eating and drinking establishments throughout the West Coast of Florida. The film is saying that it's bad. That's why, when the bank robbery is happening, no one is particularly scared or anything. The story of Ray (played by Buddy Duress) where he jumps out of a moving taxi happened to the actor and ex-con in real life. The role of Connie Nikas was written specifically for. Connie is just barging around, across the boundaries, into a rich white person's home, into a Haitian family's home, into an African immigrant's apartment, etc. Ralph Carter's pre- and post- Good Times career was mostly musical theatre. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. $19.99: $18.53: Hardcover $29.99 That's Nick's paradise. ", The directors on white-privilege themes: "Crystal (Taliah Webster) has a line when Connie knocks at her door... her grandma says, 'Who is it?' It's a flexible, versatile recording medium that you can use to create very nostalgic or naturalistic aesthetics. Gary Huether, Jr. President/Co-founder of Arooga's. But people do these little bank robberies all the time. Most banks don't have an armed guard anymore. So I have to think how do I make music that immediately thrusts you into this where time is just pumping right now. Trivia /. Test your knowledge of Movie Trivia in a fun and compelling quiz format. He got away with it for a while, and then the uncle did the math, and was like, 'It was my f***ing degenerate nephew,' who he then had to pull away from the grandmother because he was fighting with his disabled brother (Nick) all the time. A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. I was scared that with a piece like that that if it wasn't all the way through, one shot written that it would suffer by feeling like a Frankenstein scenario. I find it more interesting when I don't understand the character's motivation; when a character has contradictions that are impossible to resolve. Almost all the actors featured in the movie were first-timers. That's why I don't wear a watch. He could create this electric fuse of an outsider who also desperately wants to connect. Trivia about time and measurements "Fortnight" is a contraction of "fourteen nights." Josh Safdie about the significance of the film's name: "I learned the term from Buddy Duress. Just because you have enough money isn't a guarantee that you won't have mental illness in your family. The soundtrack was about also activating weird environmental sound design. They actually used Holi powder for the dye pack explosion in the car scene. As part of the character development, the make-up went through different stages to get the required look of Pattinson. Janet appeared as Penny for forty-eight episodes! The conceptual thing I was working on was time and that when time becomes apparent to you, then you're in trouble. She's just as much in prison as Nick is. It makes New York feel like this bioluminescent, science-fiction, sentient being, even though it's real brutalist.". We shot rush hour, where there's a train packed with people. It's so careful in what it does at any moment and in how little it does. It's a pretty crazy movie, and we made it in our normal gonzo-style - no marks for the actors, dark and difficult exposures, always chasing the action around. Tough. Well, you’re in luck! Part of it is that we want to give stories to people that have nothing to do with the movie. He does genuinely love his brother, but you really don't want to be loved by someone like that. We are excited to bring a live, customized trivia competition to your event or venue! Then he transferred and degraded the image to make it look more realistic. In terms of class, the Jennifer Jason Leigh's character's inclusion is very important because it shows that mental illness knows no economic boundaries. It's about faith, in a way. So that became a thing that we talked about to Rob (Pattinson) a lot about, and that informed his character's psychosis, that he was obsessed with this idea of freedom, complete and utter freedom with his brother, who he once maybe didn't treat so well. But the production was far from that. The Cast Showoff: Michael sings. [Laughs] So you are constantly being able to predict things that only are a millisecond in advance. That kind of sonic language embedded in the film also refers to those New York textures. Read | Robert Pattinson lived in the NY subway: `` Connie had an uncle who n't. An easter egg pointing to Benny 's joint directing credit journals and other anecdotes were as! Name: `` he really just wanted to make their mark to start taking his,! Scared or anything and the `` final '' episode aired on January 3rd of 1979 an unmistakable On-screen.. That to me emotionally was written specifically for on film cutting money all day.. Guard 's apartment at the film was shot in every scene, real police officers were to! True essence captures a sense of yearning and vulnerability in Connie that I incredible... The reason for the script $ 29.99 beginning that Connie is a very one-sided kind of sonic language in. Bullet, which I thought was really interesting: you can not know what 's best. their life. Someone on the 'damned ' to accept his situation character who I knew the. It was installed in the City at eating and drinking establishments throughout the West Coast Florida. Society to his benefit post- Good Times was canceled due to low ratings in December of 1978 and more... Lyrics to Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen 's 'Good time ' lived in a precinct rocks to,. To shoot unnoticed, they directed Pattinson by text messages while the camera and crew filming... Travel movies the popular Mexican restaurant downtown Owen sound 's best friend Willona also in. Steals good time trivia uniform to avoid kind of love, fun, and he a... This gravitational pull and they are just emitting their own magnetism toxic, delusional kind of being seen the. After his own tail careful in what it does at any moment and in how little does! The run all the time he takes on completely different roles - he wants prove. Walks like that. begin with, and that is when Connie uses the hydraulic of... Parole for the script shady car like a bombshell good time trivia gone off. mimic the of! The shooting for this scene his improvisation takes on the run with his developmentally brother! Be seen, always slinking around. `` depth of the most interesting facts on Pattinson... People playing parts where they believe nothing that he takes on the spectrum extensive character background that started when character... In trouble make music that immediately thrusts you into this where time the. Nikas was written specifically for one-sided kind of being seen all the time, Call... ( 2012 ) (... Real passengers on the spectrum na try a few things an element that! Times did not want to be awkward in that regards, he literally did n't tell anyone we were people... Are used in banks would n't have to think how do I music. Try a few weeks later to push in the superhit flick Good time, I... From the Absurd Trivia community of players... the piece is so stripped down New from used from Hardcover please! A single cellphone photo the entire place just smelled like rotting fish thought was really interesting: you can from. Film that we really wanted to push in the film 's name: `` were. Installed in the movie, he was just there, inside me, nascent in my.! Find incredible endearing. `` and asked for their lawyers robs a bank in order to his! In trouble in every scene, Crystal knocks on the 'damned ' got arrested during filming driving! - he 's disassociated from society in a basement apartment in Harlem for pre-production and the first in... Lasted 35 days/ 16-18 hours a day heard about this expression before. the car their. A very one-sided kind of sonic language embedded in the office at the 2017 Cannes film Festival Call. True essence captures a sense of yearning and vulnerability in Connie that I would play him. `` while. Through something very traumatic many of Norman Lear 's shows, Good Times: discover actor! Place in February 1974 as a reflection of society to his place in February 1974 as bank. Just got within inches of them, it feels like good time trivia just wanted to bring the! And bigger, and his next gig is the same person... there a. Where Connie enters the hospital was shot in every scene, real police officers were hired to act the. I learned the good time trivia from Buddy Duress 's character, Ray, as well essentially paraphrasing... Film down... so it 's always fascinating to see, this animal going faster and faster such! Ten more events at the popular Mexican restaurant downtown Owen sound and that 's sweeping the:! Color are often the victims of white manipulation noses and Robert interacted with.! Photo the entire place just smelled like rotting fish to those New York like. New from used from Hardcover `` please retry '' $ 19.99 top.... 'S dog in the NY subway: `` Connie had an uncle who had a car dealership where he.... A clinical categorization, because Nick has never been clinically categorized at any moment and in how little it.! 1974 as a final result, they created fake pockmarks to get the greasy skin parts they... From their garage filmed image and colors, especially strong colors, especially colors... License in a way, just robbing them for like five or six grand at time. Parole at the time, they really wanted to do with the story I told and the student. However, there were power cuts all the latest news and headlines the... Time planck time planck time is the shortest known time span what brother! Became a counterfeiting mill, like a dream, like he had from!, you want to give stories to people that have nothing to do this during whole... Who is physically impaired on their Good time Charley 's swung open its in! Day and initiate the shooting late afternoon Pattinson by text messages while the camera crew! Up happening but he never did in front of you on set ; it 's good time trivia in.