FOR SALE. Non Bearded Silkie Chickens are full of character, they are sweet, docile birds. Pros Of Keeping Silkie Chickens As Pets. Keeping Chickens UK Non-Bearded Silkie Hens Colours and Pictures. They are found in history books going back around 2000 years ago in China, reaching the UK … Make certain that you have adequate space for your planned flock. Silkie chickens love to be held and are known for being docile – yes, even the roosters! They are a lightweight chicken with a broad, stout looking body which is covered in fine fluffy feathers. Below we have all the best reasons to keep a silkie. If you get your own, you will be adding so much more to this list. 5 month old Offers accepting Read more >> More >> Pets | Livestock | Chickens | Silkie | Nottingham. Silkie chickens are first and foremost an ornamental breed, kept in many suburban backyard flocks for the purpose of being a charming and sweet pet. The ultimate poultry keeping resource. They can be eaten and the meat tastes a little stronger than normal chicken. They have a hard time keeping themselves warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but otherwise, they aren’t difficult to raise. Sexing silkie chickens can be difficult but I've got a few tips to help you tell the differences between hens and roosters. Keeping Chickens UK Bearded Silkie Chicken Colours and Pictures Silkie Chickens come in many colour variations and Pipinchick Poultry stock them all with 13 colours of Bearded Silkies to choose from including Lemon Meringue, Gold, Blue, Partridge, Porcelain to traditional White. Buy Now. Space is extremely important in any livestock enterprise. However, we have received written approval from DEFRA allowing us to continue rehoming hens. Size - Your family is downsizing or short on space and still want to keep hens. They have lovely clean necks with no beard muffs. You should feed the chickens once a day with 2 to 3 ounces of chicken feed per bird. Docile birds, they make fantastic pets, can be cuddled, calm around children. The Silkie temperament is calm and friendly. These chickens will follow you around the yard, looking at whatever interests you. They don’t lay a ton of eggs – usually only about 100 per year – but the hens are great mothers. Bantams are smaller birds and do not large space as other chickens, so their chicken house must be just a small one. More. Anyone keeping 50 or more birds is required by Defra to register with the Great Britain Poultry Register , in order to help the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency get in touch in the event of any disease outbreaks. The origin of the Silkie hen is uncertain although they have been around for several hundred years. Contact. - Here you can find the Pros & Cons of keeping Silkie Chickens, and beware because fluffiness is their main specialty. 3 Posted 3 days ago . From 14th December 2020 a housing order comes into force across the UK. A Silkie’s cranium never fully closes up which means they can be more susceptible to head injuries than other breeds, they are also particularly vulnerable to Marek’s Disease although well bred examples will be more resistant to this and other chicken ailments. You need to be careful about keeping your Silkie chicken in an aggressive flock. - Here you can find the Pros & Cons of keeping Silkie Chickens, and beware because fluffiness is their main specialty. Silkies don’t know a stranger. This site should contain everything you need to know about this fantastic hobby to get you started. If you want to care for silkie chickens, keep them in a coop with wire mesh that has holes no larger than 0.5 inches so predators can't get in. Silkie chickens for sale UK. If so, you should take a look at the reasons Silkie Chickens are a great addition to any flock. Silkie Chickens For Sale & Rehome in UK. The Silkie chicken always brings a smile to peoples’ faces. A useful quality if you don't want the hassle of incubators. Silkie chickens : where to buy them. Belgian d’Uccle. Free Watch. Jul 7, 2019 - Are you looking to add a new breed of chicken to your flock? Mar 22, 2019 - Splash partridge silkie pullet. Silkie Chicken Information. Here's some of my must-have supplies:↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR RESOURCES Coops for Bantam chickens: Chicken coops and runs, also known as chicken pens, are necessary accessory for looking after chickens. IG: @hadabonita_ ABOUT. It is thought that they originated in India, China or Japan and they arrived in Europe around 200 years ago where they were sold as crosses between rabbits and chickens! For as long as I can remember before that, my parents used to keep 40 or so hens at the bottom of our garden. Jul 14, 2017 - Silkie Chickens. These are just a few highlights, though. They are easy going poultry that are easy to raise, fun to watch, and great for children and for show chickens. When they become bonded to their owners they can be described as ‘dog-like’ in their devotion. Welcome to my Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens. Silkie cockerel looking for a new home . If you are interested in keeping your own chickens, bantams is a good bird to start with. All poultry will need to be kept under cover, away from wild birds from that date until further government advice. Perfect garden hens, they won't scratch up your lawn and flowers. Want to keep chickens? As with any poultry, you need to make sure you buy from a reputable breeder. Health and Wellbeing. Photo: Reserve Champion Silkie Male – Owned by L. Hidden. Leolie Brown. This site was designed with the … The Silkie chicken, also sometimes spelled Silky Chicken, is a unique and interesting breed that has become a popular addition to backyard flocks across the world. If you want chickens true to the breed, look out for the characteristics described above in the flock of the person you're buying from. For Sale. Keeping chickens is simple and rewarding, and you can keep chickens as easily in a town garden as you can in the countryside. It may be best to avoid keeping a Silkie chicken in a mixed flock, as this can cause some dominance issues. Their striking appearance also makes them a popular exhibition bird (and a great aesthetic addition to your flock!). Black Silkie Rooster . Before getting any chickens it's important you consider if you have the time, resources, commitment, knowledge and facilities to care for them.